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Champagne Flute
Champagne Saucer
Cordial Glass, 1 oz.
Irish Coffee Mug
Martini Glass, 10 oz
Martini Glass, 5 oz
Old Fashioned Glass, 9 oz
Pilsner Glass, 9.5 oz
Pilsner Glass, 14 oz
3oz Espresso Mug
Water Glass, 9 oz
White Wine, 6.5 oz
Red Wine, 13 oz
Red / White Wine, 12 oz
Cosmopolitan Glass
Dessert Tasting Mini Martini Glass
Dessert Shooter Shot Glass
Mini Martini Glass w/ Stem
Mason Jar w/ Handle
Mason Jar
14oz All Purpose Goblet
12oz Pilsner Glass
16oz Copper Mug
13oz Double Rocks Glass
11oz High Ball Glass
16oz Pub Glass
1 Liter Wine Carafe
15oz Blue Goblet
15.5oz Margarita Glass


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